PrHOEvocative Season 2 Returns
PrHOEvocative Season 2 Returns
PrHOEvocative Season 2 Returns

CHICAGO – FC Network and Jody "the freak h*e" PrHOEvocative today officially announced the season two return of PrHOEvocative on January 18, 2023. We invite you to join us on this journey of reimagining sex. Whether you’re interested in sex education and health, sex stories, exploring sexual fantasies and kinks or simply curious to learn more, PrHOEvocative will provide you with what you need to explore sex in a way that is healthy, safe and pleasurable with real stories from real people. Jody also released a mini-movie today, which viewers can be on her Instagram account as well as on the FC Network YouTube. 

"Our Vision at FC Network is to be the most culturally impactful and relevant podcast and media network in Chicago. PrHOEvocative is a show that discusses what many people are ashamed to verbalize and we think those conversations are important," said FC Network owners.

"I didn't realize how beautiful sex was until I began to view it as art... a performance. It's powerful enough to change the energy in the room way between anything physical occurs. Sex is interdisciplinary, combining spirituality with chemistry, biology, philosophy and sociology," said Jody, who is also a certified sexologist. "I want to help my listeners reimagine sex and reach their full sexual potential, unapologetically." 

Currently streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast platforms, the show provides listeners with an entertaining and informative look at sexual agency and expression. The show features thoughtful commentary, tips, analysis and interviews with experts and sex-positive activists. Jody also released a Sex Goal Setting Journal this month, available on Amazon and the PrHOEvocative website for download. 

Be sure to tune in every week for the latest episode. For more information on the inaugural festival, visit

About FC Network

Established in 2019 by co-owners Terry and TJ, FC Network is a growing Black-owned Chicago based podcast and media company, telling the story of black culture in Chicago. FC Network takes pride in its focus on building a community and engaging with their audience as content creators discussing topics that viewers relate to. The network diligently works to further solidify those relationships through live events and social media interactions.  FC Network currently produces content for four shows ("Terry Roseland Podcast," "PrHOEvocative," "A Man's Perspective" and "Her Nut Matters").


About PrHOEvocative

One candidly provocative HOE story at a time, PrHOEvocative entertains while educating listeners on how to improve their sex life. Jody, a certified sexologist, encourages listeners to reimagine sex and be unapologetic as they embrace their sexual desires. The show (as evident by the capital HOE in the title) is an act of resistance through embracing sexual agency and establishing an anti-slut shaming community. Jody explores sexual health and education, hoe stories, kinks and everything in between. No sex topic is off limits.